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PSCD – meet Mira

After a break of a few weeks, back to introducing the PSCD characters. And what character! Name:  Mira Patras Nation of Origin:  Greece Service Branch:  Civilian Consultant Description: As one of the youngest Nobel Prize winners ever, it was a … Continue reading

Seasons Of The Wolf official release!

Yep, the “supposedly – small – RPG – game” is finally out! I made a few minor bugfixes since the soft-release, updating the game to version 1.0.5. though the only real problem was a bug when replaying the game after … Continue reading

November update!

A mockup of the character inventory screen for Queen Of Thieves The image above is a mockup I made for the GUI artist, for the game Queen Of Thieves. Does anyone remember it? When I first announced it, was very … Continue reading

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