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Heirs & Graces – Eloy

Here is the last of the four main love interest of my upcoming yaoi-only dating sim Heirs & Graces, Eloy. Introduction by the writer follows: Eloy, or Lord Shiraan if you’re being formal, is a noble from Grandtree. However, he … Continue reading

Dead But Alive – Beta

Told you the game beta would start soon, didn’t I? You can view more info about the game and check some more screenshots at the temporary page here: http://winterwolves.com/deadbutalive_southernengland.htm While I have a download link for the demo in the … Continue reading

Dead But Alive – The Cast

As you can see from the image above, the cast will be varied both in gender and ethnicity.  Let’s see all the characters now. Name: Caroline Background: Growing up on a farm, Caroline is used to working with her hands … Continue reading