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PSCD – meet Diana Nelson

Here’s another Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense character intro. This time we talk about Diana, the playable female character. Name:  Diana Nelson Nickname:  Tigress Nation of Origin:  Germany Service Branch:  Imperial Special Forces Specialty:  Sharpshooter Description: The middle of three children, … Continue reading

Announcing Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense

I know what you’re probably thinking: Winter Wolves doing a Tower Defense game? First of all, I’m getting a custom engine done. So don’t worry, the game will run great even on the oldest desktop computers or mobile devices. Is … Continue reading

Roger steel world: meet Neville

Here’s Neville, a new character from the Steampunk RPG Roger Steel. Like for the other characters, the art is not definitive yet. In particular we’re going to change a bit the clothes colors, since both the writer, the artist and … Continue reading