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“Bad Blood” SOTW DLC is in beta

I’ve decided to open the preorders and put the beta version of the DLC for download in my forums! For more details, you can check this forum thread: http://winterwolves.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3610 In short: the only missing thing right now are the ending … Continue reading

Heirs & Graces – Kamal

Time for another Heirs & Graces character introduction, this time the ex-gladiator Kamal. One of my favorite characters of this game Before being employed by Lord Sandor, Kamal sought to make a name for himself fighting in the arena. He … Continue reading

SOTW DLC “Bad Blood” coming soon

To paraphrase what Guard Captain Daronas says in the screenshot above: “I have good news. As we speak, the last segments of SOTW DLC code are just being placed” While of course there can still be bugs, I have tested … Continue reading