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PSCD – Meet Rigel

Time to introduce another PSCD character. He’s the BxB romance, albeit not one of the heroes (he has no skills in battle). Name:  Rigel A. Luvene Nation of Origin:  Australia Service Branch:  Mechanic/Imperial Vehicle Maintenance Description: Among the newest arrivals … Continue reading

PSCD – meet Mizuki

Time to met a new PSCD character: the hot japanese hacker Mizuki! Name:  Mizuki Tsukino Nickname:  Null Nation of Origin:  Japan Service Branch: Imperial cyber Defense Specialty:  Overclock Description: At one time, Mizuki was considered the greatest threat in cyberspace.  … Continue reading

Goodbye dear friend

My cat Batman, from when he was a kitty until recent days It has been less than a year since I had to write about one of my beloved pet’s death, that here I am again The black cat you … Continue reading