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PSCD – meet Charlotte

Time for Charlotte’s introduction! She is one of my favorite character design and a possible homosexual love interest for Diana. Name:  Charlotte Dubois Nickname:  Hope Nation of Origin:  Canada Service Branch: Imperial Infantry Specialty:  Recruit Description: Charlotte was always one … Continue reading

PSCD – meet Samuel

Time for another character introduction: Samuel. He is one of the homosexual romances playing as Alex. Name:  Samuel Bellamy Nickname: Doc Nation of Origin:  England Service Branch:  Imperial Xenobiological Service Specialty:  Eco-Engineering Description: Ever since he was a child, Samuel … Continue reading

PSCD – Meet Graciela Reyes

Time for another PSCD character, one of the few humans with psionic abilities (in this prequel game they’re not common as in Planet Stronghold). Name:  Graciela  Reyes Nickname:  Serenity Nation of Origin:  Spain Service Branch:  Imperial Psionics Institute Specialty:  Psionics … Continue reading