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The Queen Of Thieves – Lysander

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! I am running a sale until the 1st December included, all my released titles 50% off: www.winterwolves.com Discount is automatic, and displayed on the shopping cart. Now that we have seen all the main characters, … Continue reading

The Queen Of Thieves – Arianna

We’ve seen all the main characters and the male/female love interests in previous posts. But there are some more important characters to discover. First of all, the one who actually gives the name to the game: Arianna Spiros née Mires, … Continue reading

Queen Of Thieves – Melvin

Today we’re talking about the last male romanceable character of the game, the mysterious Melvin. Here’s how the writer introduces him: Melvin Thorburn Very few people in Ahkra really know Melvin. He is the scion of a long-standing noble family … Continue reading