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Technical Support

Problem: The images in the game seems corrupted, or I see graphic artifacts.
Solution: Update your videocard drivers. Try pressing shift+G while the game is running, a menu will appear, choose "DirectX Renderer". Restart the game and now will work.
Problem: The online activation system doesn't work.
Solution: Please make sure no program is blocking the game from internet, like: anti-virus programs, firewalls, or proxy servers. If you're sure everything is fine, email us and we'll find a solution, don't worry. You can also register most games using a normal serial code provided in the email.
Problem: I bought a new computer, how do I install the games I've already purchased on it?
Solution: Just download the game demo(s) from our site, and repeat the registration process, either with your purchase email or with the serial code. If you forgot the email/serial just email us! A few older games use other methods, so in that case email us.
Problem: How I disable a web proxy?
Solution: To disable web proxy go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings, and uncheck all boxes (proxy and auto detect).
Problem: I bought an expansion/DLC/add-on but doesn't work.
Solution: Please remember that unless stated otherwise, expansions/DLC require the base game to work. Is very likely that you bought only the expansion and not the base game. Otherwise try repeating the registration process from the game main menu.
Problem: Game crashes during gameplay WITH an error message.
Solution: congratulations, you've discovered a bug! The best thing to do is to send us the message so we can look into it and solve the problem. We might also ask you more informations or ask to send us a savegame to reproduce the problem. Thanks!
Problem: Game crashes during gameplay WITHOUT error message.
Solution: The most likely cause of this is another application running on your machine. We strongly recommend checking your machine for spyware or viruses. It's also worth rebooting and checking the game still crashes after a reboot.
Problem: the game crashes immediately as I try to run/install it.
Solution: it's very likely that the downloaded file is corrupted, or the download was interrupted before the file was completely downloaded. Sometimes it can happen, the best thing is to delete the downloaded file and redownload it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I love your games but can't afford to buy them at fullprice. What can I do?
Answer: we understand that not everyone can afford the games at full price, that's why we regularly do promo sales, offering the games heavily discounted except for the newer ones. Just follow us on Twitter, Facebook or read our forums/blog to know when there's a sale!
Question: is ordering from your site safe? Can I order without Credit Card?
Answer: all orders are handled using secure online transactions. If using a credit card you will get an e-mail with registration info. You may also place orders for payment by cheque or wire transfer for delivery when payment clears. VAT is not included for EU customers.
Question: What does GxB, BxG, GxG and BxB means?
Answer: is a simple way to show which romance options are available in the game: G=girls and B=boys. So GxB means you can play as a female character and date boys. BxB means you can play as boy and date boys, and so on.
Question: when game XYZ will be out?
Answer: we love making games, so we work as fast as we can, but since we're a small team sometimes real-life problem can slow us down. The best way to stay up to date with the development of the new games is to follow us on Facebook/Twitter or read our forums/blog.
Question: some games have different male/female/homosexual romance versions. Do I need to buy all?
Answer: No, differently from expansion/DLC/add-ons, those are simply the same game with a different story and different set of characters. You can buy only one version or all of them, depending on your tastes.
Problem still not solved? Got any other questions?

or open your mail program and send an email to email address
If you have a problem with any of our games, when sending the message try to write also your system configuration (CPU, Ram, graphic card) and any error message you're getting, so we can give you a faster reply. Thanks !