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Ideal indies releases plan

From time to time I like to talk about being an indie developer in general, like this time. I’m hoping that at least some people find these posts interesting! So what is the topic of this post? In practice, I try to explain what I consider the best approach to be an indie developer regarding […]

Progress update

First of all, my Kickstarter for “At Your Feet” ended. It didn’t go as well as Hazel but I knew it (risky/niche topic, non fantasy, etc). When I announced it, I told some indie friends privately that I’d have been happy if I did half of Hazel, and well it did slightly more than half! […]

Announcing my new Kickstarter “At Your Feet”

Last year I mentioned I wanted to go back doing a comedy game. And not just comedy but also a “crazy” one. So I had this idea, of a yuri dating sim in which the main character, the latina Emma, has a foot fetish. I’m serious, it’s not a late April’s fool. It is real […]

Bundle Policy

We value our customers' money: while we do regular seasonal sales (either on our site or Steam), our games will NEVER be bundled, with the only exception of Humble Bundle. Even in that case, a game won't be bundled for at least one year after the release date.