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universal boxing manager pc / mac game

universal boxing manager pc / mac game

universal boxing manager pc / mac game

universal boxing manager pc / mac game


Universal Boxing Manager is a boxing manager simulation.

Manage up to 6 different boxers, each one with different stats and skills, in 17 weight categories. Selectively train your boxer’s stats and then take them to the ring to watch each stunning blow, coaching your boxer between rounds on how to change his tactics and send your opponent to the canvas.

Search and hire new talents from a huge database of over 1000 unique boxers. Arrange fights, buy new training tools, hire better medical staff, and watch the boxers fighting for real in a top view of the ring!

You can customize completely your manager by age, nationality and various skills like training, negotiation, scouting, and more, that really make the game different each time you play it.

Available also on Linux

Boxing Game help & quick start tutorial



Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
CPU 1.2 Ghz - 256 MB RAM
OpenGL/DirectX Graphic Card
with 8mb of memory
OpenGL Graphic Card
with 8mb of memory minimum
In the order page you'll be able to select your favourite payment method including: Credit Card, Paypal, Switch/Solo, Deutsche Bank (Wire Transfer), Mail/Fax
Credit Card, Paypal, Switch/Solo, Deutsche Bank (Wire Transfer), Mail/Fax

our customers say...

the press says...

"I've recently bought your UBM game and first of all I'd like to say thank you for developing this game since I've been looking for it years. " D.W.T. - Germany

"Just bought and started learning the game tonight, kudos on a great game!" R. - Usa

"love the game, my wife says I'm addicted!" J.B. - Usa

"this is the game that all boxing lovers were expecting since long time!" Edmond G. - Portorico

"Admittedly, I've never been drawn to sim games of this sort, but I must thank Winterwolves for this eye-opening event.
Not only did I enjoy this game immensely but also I doubly benefited from the fact that UBM knocked out my loathing for boxing and all things related. Highly Recommended." -
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"Overall I was pretty impressed with UBM, I think it is quite a bit stronger in overall play value then the Soccer Manager games that Winterwolves had already released, and those were pretty good. There is a lot of play in this one, though the difficulty may keep you at bay for a little while trying to survive both budgeting and managing." - gametunnel review

"Overall I found Universal Boxing Manager to be entertaining and involving, two things I was not expecting from a game about boxing!" - review


Learn more about boxe!

Boxing became an official Olympic sport in 1908.

Records of boxing as a sport date back over 5,000 year to ancient Mesopotamia.
Another word used for boxing is "pugilism."

Boxing first appeared as an Olympic event in the 7th century B.C. Originally, the sport of boxing in ancient Greece was not so much about hitting one's opponent as much as it was about avoiding being hit until the other boxer became exhausted in attack!

However, it was still a tough fight, as boxers only wore leather straps on their hands for protection.

With the coming of Christianity in Europe, Boxing disappeared for the most part until the late 1600's when it resurfaced in England, and gained in popularity in the 1700's when the sole champion of the sport was James Figg, who held the heavyweight title from 1719-1730.

Figg trained various boxers, and one of them Jack Broughton, became the next champion and drew up his own set of rules for the sport, which forbidden moves such as hitting below the belt.

Bare-knuckle boxing officially ended around 1866. The Marquess of Queensberry established the Queensberry Rules of Boxing: use of boxing gloves, number of 3-minute rounds was limited, and some of the grappling, or wrestling that had previously been a part of the sport were eliminated.