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The basics


You first need to create your manager. You can click on Start New game to create it choosing every skill, or you can just click Quick Match and the computer will generate a manager for you, assigning him a new name.
Of course if you want to have full control on what will happen in the game is better to create your manager by hand.
The various skills you can assign to the manager and their effect on the game are explained in the game itself.


From the starting screen, click on TRAINING. You'll be able to distribute the 25 training point in the various categories. Every one improve a single stat of your boxer, up to his maximum potential. Every boxer has an actual skill and a potential skill. His actual skill can never be higher than his potential skill. If you don't train your boxers, their stats slowly decrease.

Now you can click on MANAGE to see your boxing Fitness and Morale value. Fitness is really important, if it is too low your boxer can't fight. This value is usually at zero after a fight but slowly increase month by month (but is unlikely that a boxer have two fights in two consecutive months!). Morale is important too, but a boxer can have a fight even if his morale is broken (he won't fight so well of course).


Click on the RANKINGS SCREEN and you'll see the rankings for your currently selected boxer. By default, when you enter this screen, your first boxer is shown.
If you simply want to look at rankings for the 17 different weight categories, you need to use the left-right arrows on the left-top part of the screen. If you have more than one boxer, you can change the current boxer displayed using the left-right arrows on the left part of the screen under the "Select your boxer" text.
Remember that there are various weight categories, so you can have one boxer rank 70 in Strawweight and another rank 90 in Heavyweight: this last one will be anyway more popular than the first one, because he is in a higher weight category.


From this screen you can also arrange a fight. On the list on the right, you'll see a red flashing name: that is your currently selected boxer. You can arrange a fight with another boxer of the same category, if the rank difference is no more thank 5. For example if your boxer ranking is 95, you can challenge another boxer up to the rank 90.
Once you click on the opponent, his name is highlighted in green and his stats are displayed on the left. The accuracy of his stats depends on your manager scouting skill. If you're satisfied with the selected opponent, choose a fight date (by default is the next month) and click on OK.
The fight is now arranged. If for some reason you want to cancel it, you can click on the cancel button, however there's a penalty for that.


Now go on the NEXT MONTH screen. If you have a fight scheduled for the next month, you'll see the fight details displayed on the right part of the screen. You'll see also two icons, on the left an eye and on the right a monitor. Clicking on the eye let you watch the fight in real-time, while clicking on the monitor gives you an instant result.
The instant result can be good for a fight that you're sure to win, but be careful that you may have some surprises (as in real life, not always the favourite boxer win).
Now you'll be taken to the ROUND screen: here you can set the boxers tactic for the next round. You can choose which type of strikes your boxer will attempt, his fighting tactic, and your actions. To switch the options you simply click on the image on the right and they will cycle through the various options. To see what each option does, simply watch the text on the bottom part of the screen as always.
The images on the left are your boxer physical conditions, and you can't do actions about that.

Once you click on DONE, the next round starts. You'll see a topview of the ring with the two boxers fighting. Your boxer is the BLUE one, while the opponent is the RED one. You can adjust the speed of the match using the controls on the left part of the screen.

The fight will go on until you win or lose by KO, TKO or by score at the end of all the scheduled rounds.

The fight result will let you boxer advance in ranking if it was victorious, and also some of his potential skills will increase permanently with every success.


As you may notice, your starting boxers aren't exactly very good. So a good move would be to try to hire new promising boxers. To do this, you need to go to the BOXER SEARCH screen. Here you can search boxers by skills and try to hire new ones. Basically you setup your filter on the left screen, and the list on the right is updated.
If you click "Interested boxers" you'll see only boxers that are actually interested in being managed by you, while free boxers shows only boxers that actually haven't a manager.
To successfully hire a new boxer isn't easy: it depends on lot of factors. The most important of all is your reputation, shown in the upper part of the screen. As you win more and more fight, your reputation goes higher, and new boxers are more likely to join you. Your nationality is also imporant, because if it's the same of the boxer you're trying to hire you'll have greater chances of success. Finally, the new contract conditions is also important. If you set the boxer shares to low, he may refuse even if it could be interested in being managed by you.


Every boxer has a contract that you can see on the BOXERS screen in the MANAGE sub-menu. If you want to keep a boxer under your management, you should try to renew those contracts (your negotiation skill will be useful in that). Remember also that old fighters (35+ years old) may announce retirement during the game.


The goal of the game is to win more fight and weight titles possible before your manager retire. Keep also an eye on the financial situation. He will retire when he is 60 years old, so you should have plenty of time to try to achieve that! Good luck, Boxing Manager!