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The yuri expansion Spirited Heart Girl's Love is now available for PC, Mac and Linux!

Spirited Heart Girl's Love Spirited Heart Girl's Love Spirited Heart Girl's Love

Spirited Heart Girl's Love is the yuri expansion to the popular game Spirited Heart.

You can now pursue 6 beautiful and interesting girls and unlock new different endings (different for each race). New endings for each race have been added also to the main game.

Both the expansion and the main game are now merged into a single installer, using one-time online activation which eliminates the need of any extra downloads.

If you already own the original Spirited Heart you're eligible for a 50% off discount. Please visit this page for more details:


And more games are coming next months! RPGs and dating sims!

For the RPG lovers, we're working on two RPGs: the fantasy RPG Loren The Amazon Princess and the sequel Planet Stronghold: Warzone  which will feature new CGs, characters and an improved battle system.
We don't have an estimated release date yet for both games, but is very likely we'll do a pre-order and a beta testing offer, so keep following my twitter or my blog to know more!

Loren The Amazon Princess

Planet Stronghold: Warzone


Heileen 3: New Horizons is the third and very likely last chapter of the Heileen series. It will feature a full life / dating simulation set in the world of the pirates of the Caribbean! Estimate release is next Christmas or Q1 2012.

Heileen 3: New Horizons

Heileen 3: New Horizons

Curse of Slate Rock Manor is a Mystery Visual Novel available for PC

  • Over 100 scenes to explore.
  • Fantastic character sprites (bishounen / otome) and a fully voiced script.
  • Complete dozens of endings to solve the mystery.
  • "Visual novel mode" and "puzzle mode" allow players to skip unwanted mini-games.
  • Hundreds of choices to make.


If you need to relax, check also Zen Stones, a freeware game from our friends

zen stones

 Zen Stones  - When you play Zen Stones, you don't have to worry about a plot or storyline and you're not timed so you have all day to complete each level. To play, click on stones that make up the outer border, then send them to the center playing field. Aim to have three or more  stones of the same color grouped together and they will magically disappear. Clear the playing field of all the stones to move forward in the game. Several bonuses can help you when you're stuck or to get you through the level quicker. The game can really hook puzzle gamers for a long time but remember one thing: If you can't pass a level because you're stuck, don't get your undies in a twist. Relax and simply start over because afterall, it's just a game. 

Download it now


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