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Magic Stones

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magic stones pc mac game

magic stones challenge druid

magic stones fight screen

magic stones character screen

magic stones pc tournament screen

Magic Stones is a game based on Celtic mythology, and is a mix between a role-playing game and a card game. It is situated in the land of Aravorn, where you can find many hidden treasures in the darkest, most menacing places, where druids are challenged to duel every year in the Black Tower, in a fight to the death that will declare the absolute winner. Three playing styles, 20 different avatars available, each one with his unique skills, 17 different spells, and over 15 total enemy druids.

Gather Artifacts - If you choose this option, you will be able to roam freely throughout the entire kingdom of Aravorn in search of interesting places, like abandoned temples, enchanted forests, cursed islands, and so on. Each of these special places has hidden treasures: whether a magic formula, an amulet, a rune, or something else, each of these objects will increase your druid's power, not to mention the experience you'll get out of it (indispensable in increasing your character's level).

Challenge Druid - The second option leads you to the Black Tower, the place where the druids challenge one other to duels every year. There will be 16 different druids in the tournament and you will challenge them to a duel. You will proceed to the death, until the winners are announced.

Quest Mode - This new playing mode introduces you to various quests each one with its own custom story and new avatars. You'll be able to use also new creatures from the realm of Life and Spirit Magic, and as well new unique neutral creatures and/or characters. New quest will be released periodically every 3-4 months for FREE! This option is available only to registered users.

At the start of the game, you can choose the Tutorial option to guide you step by step in learning the game. This option is strongly recommended if you are playing Magic Stones for the first time. The game has many rules but they're easy to learn!

Give it a try and you won't be disappointed!

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Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
CPU 1.2 Ghz - 256 MB RAM
OpenGL/DirectX Graphic Card
with 16mb of memory
OpenGL Graphic Card
with 16mb of memory minimum
In the order page you'll be able to select your favourite payment method including: Credit Card, Paypal, Switch/Solo, Deutsche Bank (Wire Transfer), Mail/Fax
Credit Card, Paypal, Switch/Solo, Deutsche Bank (Wire Transfer), Mail/Fax
our customers say...

the press says...

"I'm still trying to work out how to play it and I love the art work and the whole idea, thank you." Diane - Usa

"The art, the animations, the details are awesome. Thank you for this great game!" G.R. - Canada

"I am surprised when you announced all future expansion will be free for registered users! great deal, not many other developer would do this!" U.M - France

"I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great game. It's strategically expansive, the interface is great, everything about it is engaging. It's obvious a lot of care went into making it. Magic Stones is the first game a shareware demo has convinced me to buy in years. " - Tucker

"Magic Stones' unique and compelling gameplay, quality presentation, and great value make it an exciting game for anyone who enjoys strategy with a dash of role-playing, and is a game that I can whole-heartedly recommend." - review

"All in all, an excellent little game. It works exactly how it is supposed to, and does not have pretensions to anything it is not. It is guaranteed to suck you in and make you think. It also appears to be updated relatively frequently, so is well worth the low low purchase price." - strategyinformer review

"The learning curve is not very steep, so if you always wanted to check out CCGs or Computer-CCGs, magic Stones is the perfect place to start. I, for one, was taken in by the beautiful fantasy setting and the nice flavor texts on the avatar cards." - gametunnel review


Know more about the Celtic Runes

The Runic alphabets are a set of related alphabets using letters known as runes, formerly used to write Germanic languages, mainly in Scandinavia and the British Isles.

In all their varieties they may be considered an ancient writing system of Northern Europe.

The Celtic language

The Celtic languages are the languages descended from Proto-Celtic, or "Common Celtic", spoken by ancient and modern Celts alike. The Celtic languages are a family of the greater Indo-European language field. Anciently, during the 1st millennium BC, they were spoken across Europe, from the Bay of Biscay and the North Sea, up the Rhine and down the Danube to the Black Sea and the Upper Balkan Peninsula, and into Asia Minor (Galatia).

Today, Celtic languages are now limited to a few enclaves in the British Isles, eastern Canada, Patagonia, scattered groups in the United States and Australia, and on the peninsula of Brittany in France.