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How to play

To move the balls you can use the arrows on the left and on the right of the board, to move them respectively left or right. Remember that as you click on the arrows, you move the entire row of balls: you can't move a single ball at time.
When you align 3 balls of same colour, they get cleared, and the balls over them fall down.
As you clear the board, new balls come down from the top, until the counter reach zero and you finish the game (the number of balls left depends on difficulty level you have chosen in the main menu).

Finally, with the top-left and top-right spin arrow you can rotate the whole board clockwise or counter-clockwise, very useful to find new way to align the balls. Using this options costs you 100 point if you're in Top Score mode, or 25 seconds if you are in Time Attack mode.

Let's see those three different game modes in detail:

Top Score - you must try to beat the highscore by making more points you can. Remember that each moves made with left-right arrows cost you 10 points and the spin button 100 points
Time Attack - try to finish the level as quickly as possible (you have 10 minutes limit). You have no penalty for using the left/right arrows but every spin reduce your time by 25 seconds.
Puzzle Game - go through 10 levels of puzzles. Your goal is to clear the board within a limited number of moves. The levels get tougher as you progress with the game.

For the first two modes you can view the online scoring from the main menu: this opens a new webpage showing you the best scores and the best times for each of the three different difficulty levels. You can also view highscores here.

the press says...

"Overall, Spin Around is impressive. In this world of millions of puzzle games, this one really stands out: it takes a basic standard game and spins it around in all directions, literally and figuratively." - Mac Games & More