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Playing modes

Some customers didn't notice that going into the Options Screen, you can also choose to play the game in Strategic Mode, clicking on the Arcade Save button (deactivating it).
Now you will simply decide the "saving style" of your keeper: spectacular will give you more prestige points but you'll have more risk of taking a goal, normal is the standard behaviour, and comfortable means that the keeper won't take much risk, will earn less points but will have more chances to stop the shots.

Player colours

The player colours have the following meaning:
green=goalkeeper, blue=defenders, orange=midfielders, red=strikers

Unused Training Points Window Pop-Up

The pop-up windows now shows up only when you have 75+ unused training points. However I don't suggest you leave them unused for so long…!

Help the coach put me out of team!

Don't worry, this may happens. As in real life, you may find some coaches that don't like you at all. But don't desperate, your turn will probably come, and if things go really bad you can always move to another team at the end of the season!