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Compatible with Windows XP+, Mac OS 10.6+ and Linux
    • - Bad Blood is DLC and requires the base game Seasons Of The Wolf
    • - Discover what really happened after our heroes returned home
    • - The DLC is heavily focused on the story and existing romances
    • - Rebuild Ninim with a fun metagame playing as Shea, Krimm, Riley and Vaelis
    • - Explore the animal spirits' world playing as Althea, Jariel, Chalassa and Rowinda
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Seasons Of The Wolf

What if everything Jariel told us was a lie?


In "Bad Blood," DLC for the base game ToA: Seasons of the Wolf, you'll find out what really happened to our heroes after they returned to Ninim.


The DLC starts after any of the endings of the main game, but just before the credits play. You can resume any save from that point, and continue playing with your existing romance and choices. The DLC, following users' feedback, focuses more on the story, the characters, and their existing relationships.

Content rating: optional nudity and sexual innuendo, cartoon violence, alcohol reference/use.
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Several exclusive mini-scenes will unlock based on who you romanced in the base game. Once you finish the DLC once, you'll have the option to select the starting condition for subsequent gameplays, so that you can experience all the different combinations without the need to replay the game from the beginning every time!

seasonsofthewolf seasonsofthewolf seasonsofthewolf

The party finds itself in a desperate situation, exiled from the town of Ninim by its Council. Shortly afterward, the party splits into two groups: Shea must rebuild the town of Ninim with his companions Krimm, Riley and Vaelis while facing new enemies. Meanwhile, Althea will travel into the realm of the animal spirits with Jariel, Rowinda, and Chalassa (if she is still alive). If Chalassa perished, a new companion will take her place, the loyal shapeshifter Artas.

seasonsofthewolf seasonsofthewolf seasonsofthewolf

The game alternates between Althea's and Shea's perspectives, culminating in two epic final scenes with some very difficult choices to be made!

As Jariel says: "It is going through trials, terrors and peril that makes us realize who we really are. And, sometimes, these darkest moments are what makes a journey worthwhile."


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