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Privacy Policy

Our games don't send any personal or sensitive data over internet, most of them are completely playable offline. Please note that we are not accountable for third-party platforms such as mobile appstores, or Steam; kindly refer to their respective privacy policies.

Our main site doesn't use any cookies. The blog and forums run external software (Wordpress and PhpBB) and need to use cookies to work. A message informing you about the cookie policy will appear even if you access directly the blog and forums.
To protect your privacy, our newsletter is "double opt-in". What does it means? That you'll shortly receive an email from us with a link to click to give us your consent to receive emails.

What information is collected? When you signup for the newsletter, beside of course the email address, the following data is also stored: IP address, country, referrer URL of where the subscription form is hosted.

This information is never resold to third parties, and only the email address is used to send the newsletter.

You can easily unsubscribe anytime, in every email sent from us there is an unsubscribe link at the end of the email.

Please note: newsletter subscribers must be over 18 years old.