Lands Of Fire - expansion pack

Lands of Fire magic stones expansion

The King has a special assignment for you this time. You must escort a caravan with the elven allies through the dangerous Lands of Fire. It is a wild land, bandit raids are very common, so you must keep the eyes open

Escort the caravan and discover 2 new avatars, the swift and deadly Wild Huntress and the huge and tough Giant Turtle . Use those new avatars' powers in this new quest featuring formidable new opponents like the wicked witch Black Widow !

wild huntress

Wild Huntress (Life Magic stone 4)

Among the elves, the Wild Huntresses are the elite archery of the Elf King. Very poor in melee fighting, they are swift and deadly from distance, capable of inflicting serious damage. Using their innate quickness, they can shoot several fire arrows at once, causing serious damage to the enemy.

Attack: 8
Defence: 2
Speed: 9
Hit Points: 30

Special Attack: Fire Arrows (All targets must avoid the arrow strike or suffer 10-15 fire damage and a penalty to their defenses of 5 for 5 turns.)

the giant turtle

The Giant Turtle (Spirit Magic stone 4)

Giant turtles are very rare in Aravorn seas, however the few existing ones are gifted with extraordinaire skills. They have a very hard carapace, and even if they don't have a particularly powerful or fast attack, they must not be underestimated.

Attack: 3
Defence: 10
Speed: 1
Hit Points: 80

Special Attack: Legchopper (This special attack will cause a bleeding of 5-10 hp for 3 turns to the target opponent.)

What more you can expect in the expansion?

the black widow

The Black Widow

The Black Widow is a very dangerous witch that lives hidden in the Lands of Fire. She sends her minions to attack the caravans that dare to adventure in those dangerous lands, and despite the King put a huge bounty on his head, nobody even dares to approach her. It is rumoured that she can summon spiders at will.

Attack: 20
Defence: 15
Speed: 6
Hit Points: 90

Special Attack: Summon Spiders (The Black Widow can summon ghost spiders to assist herself during the battle.)