Magic Stones expansions

As of today, five new expansion packs (totally free for registered users) have been released.
Here is the complete list:

The Bonelord

Released December 2005

The Ice Queen

Released March 2006

Haunted Mines of Vox

Released September 2006

The Lands of Fire

Released May 2007

Lost Temples Island

Released September 2007


We also released an add-on called "The Magic Shop" that can be purchased for an extra $5 and will introduce druid perks and other upgrades, click the link to find out more.


How to know if a new expansion is released?

The best way is to subscribe to our newsletter. You can do it clicking here. Alternatively, you can watch our forums


How can I get the new expansions?

You just need to redownload the demo from our site and it will contain the last expansion and the latest gameplay changes and bugfixes.


How often the expansions will be released?

After one year of free quests and expansion we don't have any plan for future free updates, since we're working on new exciting games.