The Magic Shop

the magic shop

We have just released an add-on to the game, called "Magic Shop". Requested by several existing customers, this add-on lets the player buy upgrades for their druid. What upgrades are available exactly? read below:

Druid Perks: the most important addition, perks are unique special skills that will greatly help your druid to win the most difficult battles. Some perks increase your mana regeneration, others reduce the spells casting cost, and so on.

Avatars Upgrades: beside the usual way of upgrading your avatars level by collecting the stones in Gather Artifact and Quest Mode, you'll also be able to buy complete level upgrades.

Shop for Artifacts: you can now browse and buy some artifacts directly in the Magic Shop.

As currency, you use your druid Experience Points and Prestige Points. Prestige Points are earned partecipating in the tournament and doing quests.



(please note that it requires a valid serial code for the original game to be used)