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Advanced Topics


The finances screen shows interesting reports about your budget. Depending on the initial choices, you'll start with more or less money. In any case, to have a long career, you'll need to pay attention at your budget, because if your bank account goes in RED for more than 5 months, the game will end!

From this screen you can analyze your financial situation, and also make various decision. For example you can make advertising choices for your boxers, bringing in fresh money, or you can decide which traning equipment use or which level of medical assistance you'd like. Those two aspect are really important: topclass equipment make your boxer train better and quicker, but it is very expensive. Same thing with the medical assistance: a top medical assistance help your boxer recover better from injuries but it is more expensive.
Remember also that the costs are for each boxers, so as you have more boxers, the costs also raise accordingly!


The manager creation phase is one of the most important of the game, because making a right decision here can influence your whole career. For example, making a manager with high scouting skill can let you judge better your opponents and also new boxers to hire. So what are general good guidelines to follow while creating your manager?
Well, there isn't a general rule: however remember that you should keep a balance between the manager various skills. Never leave one skill at zero, except maybe for luck. Leaving training at zero and your boxers will train slowly. Leave scouting at zero and you won't be able to judge and opponent well and you could find yourself in a fight that your boxer will never win.


You may think that making your boxer always go offensive is the right choice for every fight. Not at all: for every punches thrown, boxers lose stamina. So, if you set your boxer for a defensive strategy, you'll waste less stamina while your opponent may lose more trying to punch you. Doing this for a few round and you may regain enough stamina and strength to be able to counterattack again your opponent, turning a fight that you thought already lost.